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The International Chess Federation is the governing organization of chess. The federation oversees all international chess sport tournaments. The FIDE abbreviation is from the French term Fédération Internationale des Échecs, which translates to International Federation of Chess. This federation was founded in 1999 as a non-governmental organization. It was designated as a Global Sporting Organization by the International Olympic Committee in 1999.

FIDE's current headquarters are in Lausanne, although the organization was created in Paris in 1924. Amongst the governing bodies of football, cricket, swimming, and car racing, it was one of the original international sports federations. Currently, FIDE World Chess Championship is one of the biggest sports events globally. The associate members in the form of National Chess Federations are from 195 nations.

History of FIDE World Chess ChampionshipAbout chessHow to bet on FIDE World Chess Championship?
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History of FIDE World Chess Championship

History of FIDE World Chess Championship

The maiden contest match in 1886 between Steinitz and Zukertort is widely recognized as a world championship. Steinitz would triumph, becoming the world's first champion. From 1886 to 1946, the winner defined the rules. Therefore, they were forcing any challenger to invest a significant sum of money aiming to overthrow the defending champion.

In 1946 Alexander Alekhine, who was the reigning world champion, passed away. FIDE took over control of the World Championship event. The World Championship started the following year and has thrived to become the major sport tournaments that FIDE holds. A series of chess sport championships were held every three years from 1948 through 1993 to select a new challenger.

Garry Kasparov, the incumbent World Champion, split from FIDE in 1993. His defection resulted in a rival claiming World Champion's title for the next thirteen years. At the 2006 World Chess Championship, the titles were merged. Since then, FIDE is in charge of chess matches worldwide. Now FIDE holds the World Chess Championship after every two years.

Magnus Carlsen domination

Magnus Carlsen of Norway is the current world champion, having held the title since 2013. Carlsen is also the youngest player ever to reach a rating of 2800. In his teens, the Norwegian burst into the chess elite but, due to his discontent with the format, he withdrew from the 2010 candidates. He came back three years later winning the candidates' tournament in London. He outperformed Vladimir Kramnik in tiebreaks and was named the challenger. In the same year, he won the world championship by defeating Viswanathan Anand by a score of 612-312 in the title match.

History of FIDE World Chess Championship
About chess

About chess

Chess has always had a top-heavy financial structure. Winning the world championship has always been worth more than winning other events in competitive chess history. Its winners have always been fairly compensated. The men's World Chess Championship has a reward pool of $1.14 million. The women's World Chess Championship has a prize pool of $286,000. However, due to the rising popularity, FIDE plans to increase the prize pool accordingly.

Chess is among the oldest and most widespread board games in the world. The game involves two players who simulate a battle between two kingdoms. It is played by millions of individuals for both leisure and competitive purposes. Chess requires at least a set of chess pieces and a chessboard to play. If participants choose to play a timed game, they'll need a chess clock, and they'll probably use a score sheet to keep track of their moves.

Two armies of chess pieces are involved in this game. Each set has pairs of knights, bishops, and rooks. There is also a King and a queen in addition to eight pawns which make up a chess piece set. These pieces have bright and dark pieces to help players identify their armies. The light side is called white, and the dark side is called black, regardless of the actual color of the pieces.

Why is FIDE World Chess Championship popular?

Over the years Chess has become a truly global sport, with tens of millions of players throughout the globe. There are over 60 million games played per day on average. The championship has been happening every two years since 2014. The exception was in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since defeating Viswanathan in 2013, Carlsen has successfully defended his championship in 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2021. Magnus has become a popular figure with a number of fans following him.
The unique thing about the FIDE World Chess Championships is that all players are welcome to compete. Additionally, there are sport leagues for women, under 20s and also the best esports championships held online. Rapid, blitz, correspondence, problem-solving, and Fischer Random Chess are all world championships in chess.

Recently, The Queen's Gambit has become Netflix's all-time most popular limited-time series. It has skyrocketed chess memberships and sales while kindling a passion for the game among people from all walks of life. It has already made an impression on the younger generation, and it is hoped that it will spur the game's growth in the coming years. Players eager to place chess wagers have become quite familiar with the sport due to this popularity.

About chess
How to bet on FIDE World Chess Championship?

How to bet on FIDE World Chess Championship?

Chess has been played for centuries and is now a global game played by professional players, which has resulted in a plethora of fantastic betting options. Chess betting is not as popular as betting on major athletic events, but it does have a devoted following of fans. Top online sport betting sites have expanded their odds to include a wide range of games and sport online tournaments. Thus, players can easily find FIDE World Chess Championship odds from a number of bookmakers.

Betting strategies on FIDE World Chess Championship

Outcome bets are the classic betting method in the chess tournament. Players simply predict the winners of any match they choose. More cautious players use the double Chance option. The option allows a specific opponent to avoid losing. If players choose 1X or 2X, they will win their wager if the player in favor wins or draws the match. But because this is the most conservative bet, the odds are usually lower than the next bet.

Players with a bit of experience can play the Handicap Bet. This bet also suggests that the specified competitor will at the very least escape an outright loss in the tournament. However, there is a significant difference between the handicap and the double chance bet. In the case of a match drawn with a zero handicap when the game ends in a tie, players will be repaid for their initial wager rather than winning the bet.

How to bet on FIDE World Chess Championship?
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