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Privacy Policy

We understand that gathering details and information from our users are mandatory, but we are also aware of the importance of the security of our users. We at BettingRanker, only use the minimum information that is important for us to have.

Users that visit the BettingRanker website accept to agree to terms of conditions of our privacy and cookie policies. In this policy you can read about what we use our users' information for.

If a user does not agree with this privacy policy or does not want us to use any kind of information were provided by the user, they are free to stop using our website. BettingRanker reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy. All the users of this site accept any changes in our policies upon using our website.

Public areas of the site

Be mindful of disclosing any personal details on any of our other websites. Information provided by a user in a public area of the site will become public information.

Details and personal information placed on any public areas of the internet such as forums or livechats, can be used by third party operators. This may result you receiving unwanted messages and advertisements.


If you have provided personal details before, BettingRanker might send you information from time to time about our website, or occasionally on unrelated services.

If you find this inconvenient, you can stop having messages from BettingRanker at any time. You can refuse to provide us with details when we ask for information, or you can remove yourself from any of the contact lists.

Make sure your password and account details are always safe. Never share your account details with anyone, and be mindful that providing personal information on the internet might not be safe to do.

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