November 1, 2023

Joe Smith's Reaction to Wife's OnlyFans Page: A Story of Relationship Challenges and Hope

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Joe Smith, former NBA player and #32 of the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently had a heated argument with his wife, Kisha Chavis, after discovering that she had created an OnlyFans page. In a viral video, Smith expressed his anger and feeling of disrespect over the situation. Chavis defended her decision, stating that it was her body and her choice. The couple's relationship has been facing challenges related to mental health, finances, and infidelity. Despite the current difficulties, Chavis remains hopeful that Smith will eventually come to accept her decision.

Joe Smith's Reaction to Wife's OnlyFans Page: A Story of Relationship Challenges and Hope

Joe Smith's Reaction

In the video, Smith can be seen pacing in the kitchen, visibly upset by the news of his wife's OnlyFans page. He expressed his disbelief and frustration, emphasizing the disrespect he felt from not being informed beforehand. Smith was particularly upset that Chavis was more focused on recording his reaction than understanding his perspective.

Kisha Chavis' Defense

As the argument escalated, Chavis defended her decision to create an OnlyFans page. She asserted that she was not engaging with anyone else and that it was her right to make choices about her own body. Chavis also mentioned that she had been involved in this type of work before they met, and Smith was aware of it.

Relationship Challenges

Chavis later addressed the video and revealed that their issues extended beyond the OnlyFans situation. She explained that their marriage had been affected by mental health struggles, financial difficulties, and infidelity. Smith's transition from a successful NBA career to unemployment had caused him to become depressed, while Chavis had taken on multiple side jobs to support their finances, including OnlyFans.

Hope for the Future

Despite the current challenges, Chavis expressed her love for Smith and her belief that he will eventually come to understand and accept her decision. While they are currently living apart, she remains hopeful that their 13-year relationship will not end in divorce.


The story of Joe Smith's reaction to his wife's OnlyFans page highlights the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships. It serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication, understanding, and support in navigating difficult situations. Ultimately, it is up to the individuals involved to find common ground and work towards a resolution that respects both parties' needs and desires.

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