October 31, 2023

Gary Harris: From Burden to Veteran Leader - The Key to Orlando Magic's Success

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The Orlando Magic's decision to retain 14 players from their previous season's roster may seem counterintuitive considering their lackluster performance and absence from the playoffs. However, a closer look reveals that the Magic's young team showed promising growth and potential. With the addition of only one veteran player, Joe Ingles, the Magic are committed to maintaining their youthful core.

Gary Harris: From Burden to Veteran Leader - The Key to Orlando Magic's Success

Gary Harris: A Veteran Presence

Among the young players on the Magic's roster, shooting guard Gary Harris stands out as one of the few experienced veterans. Acquired from the Denver Nuggets, Harris initially struggled to live up to expectations after signing a lucrative contract extension. However, he has since redeemed himself and become a valuable asset to the team.

Harris's Contributions

Despite playing in only 48 games last season, Harris made significant contributions to the team. His excellent three-point shooting, solid defense, and mistake-free play provided much-needed support to the team's young talents. Harris's ability to space the floor and make smart decisions on the court made him a reliable presence for his teammates.

The Importance of Harris's Role

Harris's role as a veteran leader is crucial for the development of the Magic's young players. His experience and ability to thrive without much guidance allow the team's future stars to learn and grow. With the departure of Terrence Ross, Harris's role becomes even more significant this season.

The Magic's Investment in Harris

Despite his initial struggles and being considered a cast-off in a trade, the Magic chose to re-sign Harris to a new contract. This decision demonstrates the team's belief in his value and the importance of his contributions. While Harris's future with the team remains uncertain, his presence and leadership are invaluable in the present.


Gary Harris's journey from burden to veteran leader is a testament to his resilience and determination. His role as a mentor and contributor to the Magic's young team is invaluable. Whether he remains with the team or becomes a trade asset, Harris's impact on the court and in the locker room is undeniable.

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